English Clogged Up?

Who Am I?

I am a native English speaker with more than 20 years experience in proof-reading, correcting and optimisation of texts for solicitor's offices, (Wills, Conveyances, Transfers etc.) and a large multi-national construction firm (marketing brochures, tenders for extremely large projects, artwork etc.). I can help you make the most of what you really want to say, whether it is technical, marketing or just something that you really need to get right! The principle behind SharpText came from a newspaper article published in the Dutch newspaper "De Volkskrant" regarding foreign speakers and writers having difficulties conveying their precise meaning in English, especially with technical documentation and brochures. The resulting language is even ironically called “Dunglish” (Dutch – English).

Writing in English is more difficult than most non-native English speakers may think. In English very much more emphasis is put on how you say something as opposed to the actual words that you are using. This means that as a non-native speaker, you could make reference to things that appear to you to be totally normal, but to a native English speaker could be at best amusing, and at worst, downright insulting, or meaning completely the opposite.

Since moving to The Netherlands in September 2001, I have studied Dutch and achieved Level II of the Netherlands State examination system 'Nederlands als Tweede Taal' (NT2). This, of course, puts me in the position that I can speak to you in your own language, to achieve the precise meaning which you are looking for. It is of course possible to optimise English in texts from any part of the world, not only the Netherlands.